Avoid the Following Habits with Your Smartphone and Enjoy a Longer-Lasting Battery Life

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If we could choose, we would all request infinite smartphone battery life. If this cannot be one of your wishes for Aladdin’s genie, then it’s best to learn how to preserve battery life for yourself. You most likely know that you need to turn down your screen brightness, monitor your open apps, and take less calls. However, there are more missing pieces to the puzzle when it comes to keeping your smartphone battery life in check, and the following suggestions below, courtesy of the best newly renovated apartments in Houston, will help you keep your device alive all day.

Your application alerts.

Check your phone’s notifications bar, and you’ll probably see tons of updates from any and every app you currently have downloaded to your smartphone. Most apps—unless you specifically opt-out—will send you push notifications that often aren't necessary. And, every time you receive one of those unnecessary alerts, your smartphone battery suffers a little more. That's because each app requests that your device periodically check for new updates. Turn off the alerts you don’t use and watch your battery life increase.

Your Bluetooth is turned on.

If you use your phone to connect to other devices – like speakers, your car stereo, and the like – you probably have your Bluetooth turned on at all times, without even realizing it. Though you might think little of it, Bluetooth capabilities can drain your battery, because Bluetooth is an active application that requires power from your device to work. Your best bet is to keep it off until you need it, so save it for your next drive or block of free-time and spare your smartphone battery!

Your apps are constantly tracking your location.

These days, many apps rely upon GPS tracking information to provide users with the best service possible. Store apps, belonging to companies including Walmart, track your location so that they can show you the nearest store. Social media apps, like Snapchat and Facebook, gather this information to display it to your friends or unlock location-specific features. Either way, this constant data gathering will drain your battery. Go to your phone’s settings tab and turn off “location enabling” to fix the problem.

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